Z-Onedoll (formerly only Onedoll) is a brand of the Chinese company GNSETC (Guangzhou New Sino Environmental Technology Company).

The Z-Onedoll product line includes lifelike and life-sized dolls made of silicone. Currently, seven models with different body heights are available to choose from:

  • ZO-170 (ca. 170 cm),
  • ZO-162 (ca. 162 cm),
  • ZO-160 (ca. 160 cm),
  • ZO-160/B (ca. 160 cm),
  • ZO-150 (ca. 150 cm),
  • ZO-138 (ca. 138 cm),
  • ZO-139 (ca. 130 cm), and
  • ZO-120 (ca. 120 cm).

The ZO-140 (ca. 140 cm) and ZO-158 (ca. 158 cm) body styles have been retired and are no longer availabe for purchase.

The predecessors of the current product line were marketed under the Onedoll brand. These dolls are no longer manufactured:

  • Onedoll A006 - 168 cm ("Lisa"),
  • Onedoll A005 - 154 cm ("Ozawa"),
  • Onedoll A004 - 136 cm ("Penny") and
  • Onedoll A007 - 125 cm.

Factory address:


Guangzhou New Sino Environmental Technology Company

LongShan Industrial Park

Building C, 4th floor

Guangzhou TianHe District


China China