DS Doll

DS Doll aka Doll Sweet is a Japanese company manufacturing their dolls in Dalian, China. The manufacturer is very proud about his work's details and offers more customization options than most other doll makers.

All doll manufactured by Doll Sweet are made of silicone and have a metal skeleton. All DS dolls are available in four different skin tones, and there is a total of more than 30 different head sculpts to choose from.

The following 14 models are available:

  • DS-170/M - a male love doll
  • DS Mini Eva and DS Mini Eve
  • EX-lite

It's not only the visual versatility that recommends DS dolls especially for photographic posings: Their robust construction yet lightweight design allowed them to stand on their own feet; they only required a third supporting point for balancing, e.g. a chair, a column, or a wall.

Due to the softer 2015 silicone, current DS builds do not have the capability of standing anymore. As aids, a doll stand and a hang kit is available.

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