Happy Doll

Happy Doll (幸福娃娃) is a Chinese supplier of fabric love dolls. The dolls have a posable skeleton and can stand on their own feet.

The current lineup consists of the following choices:

  • HA-140 aka Candace: 140 cm, ~9kg, three different breast sizes (C cup/72cm; D cup/73cm; E cup/74cm).
  • HA-160/F aka Aimee: 160 cm, ~8 kg, four different breast sizes (small, medium, large and extra large).
  • HA-160/S aka Nori: same size like Aimee, ~10 kg, one breast size, but breasts with soft silicone gel implants.
  • HA-160/R aka Miyu: same like Nori, but with realistic silicone head.
  • HA-165 aka Dagmar: 165 cm, ~14 kg, breasts with soft silicone gel implants, three different breast sizes (C cup/85cm; D cup/86cm; E cup/87cm); optionally available with realistic silicone head.

Nori is a nice "general purpose" configuration; the breasts feel nice, the body size is life-like and the weight is spread evenly across head and body. Nori (and Dagmar) can wear regular clothing sizes for human women. You can't go wrong with Nori - unless you have special requirements like this:

  • if you want a taller doll, go for Dagmar;
  • if you want a realistic head, go for Miyu or Dagmar with silicone head option;
  • if you want big silicone gel breasts, go for Dagmar with E cup;
  • if you need a short doll for easy storage, go for Candace.

Different breast sizes are available for Candace and Aimee. But the breasts are filled with fabric. The silicone gel feels nicer. Different sized silicone gel breasts are only available for Dagmar.

If you don't mind the fabric breasts, Aimee is a good choice if you are > 175 cm (the doll would be about a head shorter than you). Candace is a good choice if you are 160-170 cm. Dagmar is a good choice if you are >180 cm.

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